The 40th Bimbo Jones Radio Show mixed by DJ Lee Dagger! 

Bit of a milestone to say the least and most proud we are too!! :)

Bimbo Jones proudly broadcast all over the World on RadioFG (France, Berlin, USA & Mexico), Wild Cat FM & House of Sobel (New York), Fusion Radio (Chicago), Radio Danz (Miami), My959 (Hawaii), 1Club.FM (Chicago), C-89.5 (Seattle) GHR (San Francisco), 89.7fm Bay Radio (Malta), Beat 106 (Spain), Generation Zel! (Canada) Party95 (Orlando), Radio Helax (Czech Republic), Gaydio (UK), Jemm (UK), 1mix Radio (UK), Sauce FM (UK) & Twilight on RTE Pulse (Eire).

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